Air Hockey Tables

Air Hockey is a very popular table game which provides endless amounts of fun for friends and family. This fast-paced game makes for a great pastime and is a great solution for home entertainment as everyone can play.

We have a great range of cheap air hockey tables for sale, as well as multi-game tables featuring a more basic ‘slide hockey’ version. With high quality AC motors and fans for consistent air delivery, our game tables will provide hours of fun for your family.

Benefits of Air Hockey

This table sport is a very fun game which everyone can play, enjoy and benefit from. Here are a few benefits of this sport:

  • Improve Hand-Eye Co-ordination – The fast-paced game allows you to sharpen up their co-ordination skills the more you play. As this table game constantly required the use of vision, hands, brain and reflexes, you can improve your cognitive skills over time.
  • Great Social Activity – Everyone can take part and enjoy the game as it’s very easy to pick up and play. It can build social value between people through a playful atmosphere.
  • Provides Health Benefits – This table game requires a lot of movement which means you could get a cardio work out and burn calories whilst playing. This is also a great method of stress relief.

Choosing the Best Air Hockey Tables

We have a variety of shapes, sizes and designs of game tables to suit each and every need. Whether you have low space or low budget, you can be sure to find the best air hockey table that suits your needs here.

If you’re looking for cheaper game tables, then we recommend our refurbished air hockey tables. Our refurbished air hockey tables are rated at Grade B, which means you can expect excellent quality with minor scratches or signs of limited use.

Browse our range of high quality game tables and get free delivery to mainland UK with your purchase.

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